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How do I record the purpose of the processing?

The purpose of processing must be explicitly described, as required by the GDPR. You can record the purpose of each processing operation in the SBC Management System. A goal[1] is related to one Processing in the management system.

Capturing a Goal

  • Expand the menu under ‘Company’ and select the ‘Goal’ option.
  • Click on the “+” and enter the data in the Goal tab, as shown in the print screen below. (Tip from the Service Desk: if no Processing has been created yet? First create a Processing via this instruction).
  • Link the target to a processing by clicking on the magnifying glass
  • Select the ‘History’ tab to view the audit trail of the activity.
  • Select the paper clip icon to upload supporting documents.
  • Select the text bubble icon to post a comment.

Tip from the Service Desk: also record the Dataset or the Stakeholder for this Processing.

Do you have questions or need help? Feel free to contact us.

[1] A purpose determines the identity of the processing. Multiple processing operations can never serve the same purpose. Then they are at most sub-processes. It is also possible that the goal has not been specified sufficiently concretely.