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How do I register a data breach?

In the SBC Management System you have a complete data breach register at your disposal. You can, among other things, register the nature of a data breach, the consequences, the measures taken, the communication about the data breach and any notifications to the supervisory authority and to those involved. This way you can fully account to the regulator in the manner prescribed by the GDPR.

A data breach can have relationships in the management system with the tables below:

  • Investigations
  • Information systems
  • Data Subjects
  • Processing

Capturing a data breach

  • Expand the menu under ‘Company’ and select the option ‘Data breach’.
  • Click on the “+” and enter the contact details in the Data breach tab, as shown in the print screen.
  • Select the ‘Relationship’ tab to establish a relationship with, for example, a study or an information system.
  • Select the ‘History’ tab to view the audit trail of the activity.
  • Select the paper clip icon to upload supporting documents.
  • Select the text bubble icon to post a comment.

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