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Expansion, awareness and training

Protecting personal data – in accordance with legal and contractual obligations – requires efforts from management and employees. There is often an impact of protecting personal data on the effective organization of business activities that requires the attention of management and employees. We find the impact in the management of the business processes with which the business activities are organized. Before employees (want to) implement the adjustments in the business processes, it must be clear why this is necessary and how the adjustments can be applied most effectively.

To answer these questions, awareness-raising knowledge is required among department management and employees. It is an essential management measure to comply with privacy obligations. Employees can then estimate what training is required to implement the necessary changes in business processes and supporting IT systems.

SBR Powerhouse, in collaboration with Duthler Academy, has developed an awareness and training program Protecting Personal Data that a privacy team can make company-specific. The program is supported by a company-specific learning environment in which employees have their own personalized learning environment. Using the company-specific learning environment, the privacy team monitors to what extent there is sufficient awareness and that sufficient knowledge has been gained among employees to implement the necessary changes. The company-specific learning environment also has accounts showing that the company is actively working on awareness and knowledge development in the field of data protection.

Step 1: ‘install the company-specific learning environment and we assign the roles

The service desk sets up the company-specific learning environment (Moodle tenant) and links roles. With the learning environment, SBR Powerhouse provides a program aimed at the effective application of the learning environment.

The privacy team models the departments in the company-specific learning environment, includes internal and external employees and links them to roles.

Step 2: ‘formulate a change plan

the ADKAR method is central to compiling a change plan to protect personal data. The company, management and employee interests have been elaborated in a change plan. A change plan in which a feasible added value has been worked out for all stakeholders can count on support and ultimately a successful implementation.

Step 3: ‘do the preparations

A well prepared is half the battle goes a wise saying. This applies in particular to the successful realization of change processes in which the element of meeting legal and contractual obligations is included. In addition to an accessible plan, preparation is about gathering sufficient support for change.

Step 4: ‘run the awareness program’

The awareness program provides management and employees with the arguments why changes need to take place and how this can take place most effectively. The intention is to confirm and expand support, resulting in demand from management and employees for more training to successfully implement the change process.

Step 5: ‘run the training program’

Building knowledge is only useful if the management and the employee ask for it. Gaining practical knowledge requires effort, time and expense. The training addresses the need to change business activities and the impact of this on business processes supported by IT systems. At the same time, it must be clear to employees how to manage the business processes as a result of the changes.

Step 6: ‘take care of maintenance’

Awareness and training programs continue as new management and new employees become involved in driving the business processes.

A company can also use the knowledge gained from the aforementioned awareness and training programs for the Protection of Personal Data for other change and knowledge processes. Consult with the Service Desk and discuss the options.


There are functional, sectoral and regional partnerships that want to use common awareness and training programs. Duthler Academy supports this question. Consults with the Service Desk.

Questions? Feel free to contact us.