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The 2023 development agenda of the SBC Management System

We continuously invest in the functional requirements and wishes for the SBC Management System and learning environment. This is a permanent process that results in a development agenda. The 2023 development agenda was mainly created by internal ideas for additional functionalities. We describe a number of focus areas.


The SBC Management System and the learning environment use Role Based Access Control (RBAC). SBR Powerhouse formulates the roles and elaborates the powers. It becomes easy for a company to allocate tasks, powers and responsibilities of employees involved.

Legal Entity Framework (LEF)

A company formulates its hierarchical legal and organizational structure using a Legal Entity Framework (LEF). A company describes the granularity of its formal and functional organization. This allows the company to better reflect its responsibility and liability domain.


Operational use is served by linking the SBC Management System to the learning environment. A company starts its learning environment from the SBC Management system.

Support the DPO

Data Protection Officers (FGs) in particular use the SBC Management System. The external DPOs often fulfill the role of DPO for several companies. The SBC Management System supports the DPO in accounting for hours and costs on company projects. An DPO organizes accountability to clients in an effective manner. The company gains insight into the efforts of DPOs and others to organize data protection and information security.


We have organized our operation and IT system development according to the latest insights. Applying the development street and the DevOps processes gives management more and more confidence that change processes will be successful. The successful development of new functionality is a functional and technical process that is carried out by professionals. In other words: “it is human work in which we take unforeseen circumstances into account”.


We understand that interest has been aroused. That is why we are organizing several information meetings with our partners this year. Of course you can also request a demo directly via this link. Would you prefer personal contact or a direct quote without obligation? Feel free to contact us via this link.